Client Satisfaction

Bankruptcy & Court Sanctioned Restucturing

  • Post/Pre Bankruptcy Proceeding;

  • Restructuring under the Indonesian Suspension of Payment System (PKPU);

  • Creditor’s Ranking, etc.

Public Private Partnership


      • Feasibility Study Preparation;

      • Pre-Bid Conference;

      • Contract Drafting.

      Energy & Renewable Energy Law

      • Upstream and Downstream Transaction and/or Company Action;

      • Renewable Energy;

      • Procurement under Indonesian Energy Law, etc.

      Family Law


      • Pre/Post marriage Agreement;

      • Inheritance Dispute;

      • Divorce, etc.

      Civil & Criminal Litigation

      • Civil Lawsuit;

      • Criminal Case (Fraud, Embezzlement, etc);

      • Amicable Settlement (arbitration), etc.

      Corporate & Commercial Law

      • Company Establishment;

      • Company Action (M&A, Consolidation, etc);

      • Commercial Transaction, etc.

      Intelectual Property Law

      • Intellectual Property Registration;

      • Intellectual Property Dispute;

      • Intellectual Property Consultation.

      Technology Law

      • Technology Customer TnC ;

      • Fintech Establishment and Structure;

      • Commercial Transaction, etc.

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